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Who we are...

The Lighthouse Christian Preschool is conveniently nestled in beautiful Santa Monica, California.  Choosing a preschool for your child is a very important decision for every parent. Our aim is to provide you with the most valuable information about our preschool in order to aid in your decision in choosing a preschool in the Southern California area.


The Lighthouse Christian Preschool is a non-profit preschool operating as a ministry of The Lighthouse Church of Santa Monica. We have provided quality care and instruction since the late 1990’s.

Our belief is that each child is an individual and has different needs that are unique to each of them.  Therefore, we believe there is no one technique or theory to meet each child’s unique needs.  On the contrary, children have many of the same needs: the need to be loved, to be heard and understood, to be accepted for who they are, to be introduced to real experiences, and the right to learn.  Many of the learning experiences have been adapted from specific theorists for the growth and development of young children.

What makes us unique?

  • We serve ages 2 – 6 years old

  • We offer developmentally age appropriate activities to ready children for Kindergarten

  • We offer a variety of programs

  • Our teachers are warm and nurturing

  • Affordable prices

  • Enrichment classes

  • We accept children in diapers

  • Great location in Santa Monica

What we believe...

We are believers in Jesus Christ and we believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God.  We accept families of all religious faiths because we do not teach religion, but rather a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  We believe the Bible when it says that children are a heritage from the Lord. Our goal is to administer the love of God to each child and family in order to develop their sense of worth and meaning in this world.

The Lighthouse Christian Preschool is dedicated to providing an environment that welcomes the Holy Spirit of God to permeate the lives of the teachers, parents, and children.

Our desire is to partner with you in training your child, recognizing that you, the parent, are the number one educator.  Each teacher has expressed an ambition to participate in the spiritual, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and academic development of your child. We are an inclusive program recognizing that each child is an individual with strengths and exceptionalities that are unique to themselves.  Our Christ-centered environment is designed to incorporate a blend of various theorist approaches such as Piaget, Montessori, Erickson, and Vygotsky.  Our schedule is structured in such a way that children quickly learn what to expect in order to gain a sense of security and knowing what their day includes.  We also allow for emergent curriculum to be a part of our regular thematic plans.


All teachers come with professional and life experiences in child development and meet state licensing requirements.  Each teacher is certified in CPR and First Aid training by the American Red Cross.  A top priority at our preschools is to ensure a clean, safe, and nurturing environment for every child and family.


"An absolutely amazing gem of a school. We looked around everywhere for a good preschool for our daughter and we were so fortunate to find Lighthouse Christian Preschool. The teachers they have there are invested in the nurturing and education of the children there. They have a strong reading program that prepares them for kindergarten balanced with the caring and nurturing that children need at this age. It was hard to leave after our daughter was ready for Kindergarten."

- Allan Y.

"The teachers are warm and nice to the children and parents. The outdoor space is very large for running and playing, which is very important to us, as our boy needs this space to get his energy out! They have great activities for indoor and outdoor play. There are many books for the children to look at and read.  I feel welcome to stay and watch the children play. Our son has been attending this preschool for almost 2 1/2 years."

- Jen Jui L.

"Our daughter started attending the Lighthouse Christian Preschool promptly after her second birthday. We so appreciate the Christian care and love shown to her by the staff of the preschool. Her ability to interact with her peers and her social skills have markedly improved since her first day. She enjoys being with her preschool friends and participates in the educational activities offered throughout the day. There are water games during the summer, plays and pageants in the holiday season, a Father’s Day BBQ, and a Mother’s Day tea, to name a few. We wholeheartedly recommend the preschool for anyone interested in a Christian and a wholesome educational experience for their young preschooler."

- Peter C.

"Our daughter has been at the Lighthouse preschool for a year and a half. Our daughter loves to go to the school! We feel that this preschool provides a loving, caring environment for our child. Their philosophy of kindness and goodness coincides with what we practice at home. The teachers here provide safe, clean and healthy surroundings. We like the fact that our child can enjoy the day with learning and playing with other kids. Overall, we are very happy with the staff and management at Lighthouse Christian Preschool and feel our daughter is in good hands there."

- Doug F.

"My daughter, Sarah, is being taught in a Godly manner and developing Christ like characteristics that have been very influential in her spiritual and personal development. The last 3 years have been a true blessing!"

- Sharon M.

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